How it works
How does the
SAMVA Fund work?
4 simple steps

STEP 1 - Offence:

A teenager commits an offence that causes a financial loss to a victim.


STEP 2 - Discussion:

The victim expresses the consequences that he or she has experienced and the teenager recognizes the harm he or she has caused.

STEP 3 - Agreement:

Following the discussion, the teenager agrees to compensate the victim according to a set amount by working with a non-profit organization (NPO).


STEP 4 - Reimbursement:

Once the teenager has completed his or her commitment, the SAMVA Fund reimburses the victim.

A commitment to take responsibility and make reparations!
A just method
that has proven itself!

The teenager and the victim, accompanied by a criminal mediator, meet to discuss the offence and its consequences. During the mediation, the parties may enter into a financial compensation agreement.

Volunteer work


This work allows the teenager to concretely repair the harm he or she has caused and to be accountable to the victim.

Financial compensation to the victim

The number of hours of work done by the teenager depends on the amount of financial compensation determined during the mediation.