Alternative justice

An assistance fund designed to support the implementation of financial compensation agreements following a mediation process

between a victim

and an offending

young person.

samva Funds 

An innovative initiative of ASSOJAQ

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The Heart of Restorative Justice

The 37 OJAs in Quebec are working on the development and application of alternative practices in the area of ​​justice. For nearly 40 years, the OJA have contributed to the development of restorative justice in Quebec.

  • Restorative justice, in Quebec is mainly applied to the juvenile justice sector, particularly as part of the alternative measures provided by the Youth Criminal Justice Act (SA.J.P.A).

  • Restorative justice is a process of self-determination and/or empowerment that restores the values ​​of self-esteem and trust.

  • A fundamental principle of restorative justice is the voluntary nature of the parties' participation. With the goal that once this step is completed, the offender will have become aware of the effect their behavior has had on the victim and accept responsibility for the harm they have done. And so that both the victim and offender may find a path to forgiveness and reconciliation.

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